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Grenada Social Condition Facts

Social conditions

Compared to many other developing countries, the standard of living is quite good with a relatively high per capita GDP and good access to health care.

In 2015, Grenada was ranked 79 out of 188 countries in the UN Development Index, which was a clear improvement from previous years.

The Ministry of Labor decides on a minimum wage, but it is not stated to be sufficient to support a single person or a family. Many households have their own smaller farms alongside and also contributions from relatives abroad help them cope with their livelihoods.

  • Countryaah Official Site: Official statistics for population in Grenada, including population growth, density, and estimation in next 50 years.

Violence against women is a serious problem, but the police rarely intervene.
The social insurance system includes sickness benefit, old-age pension and maternity allowance.

Social Conditions of GrenadaFACTS - SOCIAL CONDITIONS

Infant Mortality

14 per 1000 births (2018)

Proportion of population with access to clean water

95.6 percent (2015)

Proportion of the population having access to toilets

91.5 percent (2017)

Public expenditure on health care as a percentage of GDP

5.0 percent (2015)

Public expenditure on health care per person

US $ 516 (2016)

Proportion of women in parliament

47 percent (2018)

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