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Nauru Social Condition Facts

Social conditions

Thanks to the prosperity that phosphate exports (see Modern history) paved for, the Naurus got for a long time free of charge, without having to work. Ironically, this created major health problems.

A sedentary life and a diet dominated by imported fast food has made the Naurus one of the world's most overweight people. Cardiovascular disease is common and up to every other Naurus suffers from diabetes. Alcoholism is also common.

  • Countryaah Official Site: Official statistics for population in Nauru, including population growth, density, and estimation in next 50 years.

All citizens are entitled to free health care. The social insurance system includes old-age pension, sickness benefit, unemployment benefit, child allowance and maternity leave.

Housing shortages have become an increasingly difficult problem.

In 2016, rape within marriage was banned by law and the penalty for sexual offenses was stepped up. In the same year, homosexuality was decriminalized.

Social Conditions of NauruFACTS - SOCIAL CONDITIONS

Infant Mortality

26 per 1000 births (2018)

Proportion of population with access to clean water

100.0 percent (2015)

Proportion of the population having access to toilets

65.6 percent (2017)

Public expenditure on health care as a percentage of GDP

4.8 percent (2015)

Public expenditure on health care per person

1 012 US dollars (2016)

Proportion of women in parliament

11 percent (2018)

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